August 11, 2014

Singing in Masese

As all the children begin trickling into the clearing where Masese school is located, you can see them carrying plates, cups, bowls, eagerly awaiting their heaping bowl of beans and posho to be served piping hot from the kitchen.

There are many children who come and they can spend hours around this area waiting for, what is for some of them, their only meal of the day.

Exciting things are happening in Masese which we are just itching to tell all about!  More on that will be coming soon, but for now, please take a minute to watch these sweet faces and say a prayer for them today!

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  1. Dear Amazima,
    My name is Caroline Keller, I am a ninth grader at Mountain Brook Junior High in Mountain Brook. If Katie davis is reading this, you are an inspiration to me and alot of others. The holy spirt shines bright in you. You have changed the kids, men, and womens who are helpless an dhave given them hope. Mountain brook is an upper middle class suburb of Birmingham. Our community is selfish. They only think about our community. I would like to change that. What I would like is our schools to become penpals. I still need to talk to my principal about club guidelines. I want my principal to see that this is possible. I cant promise that our school can do this but I would like to be the first penpal from my school. This idea came to me during church when I was praying for Africa. After that I prayed for guidence about this idea. I didnt know anything about Amazima at all. I found the organization after scrolling through my emails and one from Amazon said You might like this book; Kisses from Katie. That was 3 days ago. i looked through facebook, twitter, and your website, I felt like God spoke to me and said, This is the one. I believe God wants this to happen. WE need to partner up to help both schools learnb from each other. School started yeasterday. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible. I am emailing you from my school gmail acct. I can also be reached at Or you can reach me by phone as call or text. (205) 983 2834
    If I dont answer please leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
    May God be with you