August 7, 2014

Meet Desire

Desire is 8 years old and has dreams of becoming a nurse one day. When she is at school, she works hard and is always positive. This past year she performed 2nd in her class! If she's not at school, she loves playing with her doll, Sarah, skipping rope, and playing football. 

When we asked Desire if there was anything she'd like to say to her sponsors, she responded, "May God bless them."

Thank you to the Amazima sponsors who have joined hands with us to educate and empower Desire. We can't wait to see Desire reach her dreams! 


  1. Every time I come to this precious space on the web I weep! With tears rolling down my cheeks now I need to thank you....Katie, you are a special soul. Glory to God who moves our hearts toward one another! I love you all, Amazima xo

  2. How sweet! She seems so darling :)

  3. If you can use girls clothes i have two neices who outgrow stuff fast. If you can use it maybe I can see about sending it to you.