July 7, 2014

Big Yields

    In Uganda, about 75% of the population is engaged in some type of agriculture.  For many, it is the sole income for their family and their only source of food.  One can imagine the anxiety that comes with waiting to see if the crop is going to be sufficient during harvest time.

    With conventional farming practices, the average Ugandan produces 200 kilograms of beans per acre.  Using the methods of Farming God’s Way, a conservation farming technique, the Amazima farm is producing 750-900 kilograms of beans per acre!

   Can you believe the difference?!? 

   Imagine the impact these practices would have on all of Uganda.  Our farming project relies on the “ripple effect” to spread these farming techniques. We continue to hold classes and encourage local farmers to partake in these new methods of farming.  These farmers serve as examples to their neighbors and have even helped friends and family plant their own fields.

   We are so excited to see these yields and are overjoyed that our surrounding community will benefit from our fields.  Please pray that we will be able to not only spread new farming techniques, but also spread the Gospel as we interact with those around us every day! 


  1. You are doing great work and I enjoy your blog.


  2. That is AMAZING!! Wow! Can you briefly share what the main difference is with using 'Farming God's Way' compared to the 'typical' farming methods in Uganda? Helping/teaching the people ways to improve their lives themselves is always going to be the way to bring lifelong results and benefits to countries like Uganda. What a blessing Amazima is!

  3. It's beautiful to see God at work physically and spiritually! Jesus is tangible - so near and accessible!

  4. I am so glad to see "Farming God's Way" in Uganda.