June 16, 2014

Day of the African Child

Today, all of Uganda pauses to reflect on their greatest strength.

Today is the Day of the African Child.

This year the focus was placed on the importance for all children to receive a quality education.

Mentor Annet wrote a poem and a song for a select group of Amazima children to perform at the ceremony.  Annet said that the children performed well and were very appreciated.

Today we stop to value and cherish the children of this continent and of Uganda in particular.

We are blessed beyond measure by the children God has placed in our lives here.

We hope you enjoy their performance!


  1. How do I become a blog follower? I am reading your book and am truly touched by all that God has been able to achieve through you in Uganda. I bought the book as a gift for my daughter who is leaving Australia soon for Thailand where she will work as a teacher to provide for her husband to work for Destiny Rescue, rescuing children from child-trafficking. Your early experiences will soon be similar to experiences she will have, and I'm sure she will be deeply inspired by what you share. I will follow on FB but cannot see how to receive blog posts.
    May God's continuous blessings rain down on your part of the world, and may many be touched to support this wonderful work of loving God's kids.
    Mary, New Zealand

  2. The song was beautiful! I thank God for Katie and her staff and the work they are doing in Uganda!