February 7, 2014

Hygiene, Life Skills, and Empowerment Seminar

In January, 150 secondary school students sponsored through Amazima gathered together for a seminar. The seminar involved discussions such as hygiene, life skills, HIV education, and empowerment.

We kicked off the day with a prayer and small worship time.  It was beautiful to see these children come together over God's word and promises for us.  It was a wonderful way to start the day and prepared everyone for what was ahead.

Our speakers presented powerful messages about our intrinsic value, how to behave as a child of God, and how to make life decisions. 

Benard Mukama, Amazima's Community Health and Development Officer who facilitated the seminar, shared with us:

"We are looking at our environment, and the children that we are serving. Our environment has a lot of things that are exposing them to behavior risks such as drugs, HIV, peer pressure, etc. These things are affecting their behavior or how they behave. They construct things from what the environment around them gives and that is not the ideal of what Amazima wants for them. We want to give appropriate information, other than the misconceptions that they have. We want to give knowledge and skills about social etiquette, communication, and relationships. We want them to be in a position to make right choices and live healthy lifestyles."

It is our hope that through these seminars, Amazima children will grow to know how much they are valued by us and by their Creator. We pray that this time will encourage them in their walk with the Lord. 

Please keep all of these children in your prayers as they head off to secondary school! We pray that what they learned at this seminar will be applied to their daily lives during this term.


  1. What a great idea! God bless you as you make a difference for Jesus in so many lives! :)

  2. Lord, I pray that You work mightily in and through each of these kids lives. I pray that Amazima Ministries continues to be filled with Christ's love, wisdom, strength and peace as they share YOUR unconditional love, in Jesus' name, Amen.

  3. Wow, that's truly so good to hear. I bet it was so refreshing to be able to hear those encouraging messages of instruction and hope. I can imagine being one of them at that age, and being so enlightened. It's so wonderful for them.