January 27, 2014

Health Wall

All the children gathered around to watch the presentation.  The bright colors captivated the youngest ones while the oldest absorbed all of the content.

It was a simple concept, hand washing, which was being taught, yet all of the children seemed to be completely engrossed in what was going on.

The health wall.

Recently, Amazima has hired a local artist to come to the Buziika land once a month and paint public health messages on the front end of the chapel.  Our topics change monthly and range from HIV and AIDS facts to hand washing to malaria prevention.   Each week after the bible message is complete, a few minutes are devoted to discussing the monthly topic.  The presentations are led by our Community Health and Development Officer, Benard.

Although some may take the information presented for granted, others simply are not aware of the topics that are discussed. By training them in relevant health topics, these children go back into their communities and become teachers themselves.  What better way to empower and educate the surrounding communities than to let Amazima children do the teaching?

We are so excited for our health wall and are looking forward to changes in the community because of it. We love empowering our children to go forth and change their communities.


  1. I notice that the health wall messages are written in English. Is this the language that is spoken and read there?

    1. Yes! School in Uganda is taught in English.

  2. Love how you are using all different methods of getting the kids educated about health issues. Love art in our everyday life. Thanks for share what is happening at Amazima. Praying for all of you daily.:)
    Keep us posted on what the wall changes as you teach other topics.
    What are some of the person needs of Amazima since Christmas update?

  3. Beautiful idea!!! I too would love to see future topics taught! Blessings!


  5. Your blessed to find this talent! Wonderful way to teach!