November 13, 2014

Heart of Amazima: Meet Betty

If you met Betty, you might consider her to be timid and shy, but after spending time with her, you’d soon change your mind. While Betty can be shy at first, she actually is quite talkative once she gets to know you.

Betty grew up on a homestead (two small huts on the same plot of land) in the village of Butema with her grandma, stepmom, sister, and other family members. She often helped her grandma, but now that her grandma has passed, she spends her time as her stepmoms house and she is very close to her sister Esther.

Betty is playful, yet respectful, and dreams of being a nurse in the future so she can, “give injections to little children to keep them healthy.”

November 7, 2014

Triple the Love

As their mother diligently cleans the compound and keeps the nurse’s office spic and span, these three little cuties are never far out of site. They love to come sneaking into the nurse’s office to great our Musauo (nurse), and to see if anyone has a treat they are willing to share.

Their story is one similar to many sponsor children in Amazima, but thankfully now with a little extra support, their hard working mother is able to rest assured knowing that her children will be able to go to school and be counseled in the way of Christ!

We are so thankful for these little ones and for their mother, Juliet Nolongo. She is a kind a gentle spirit who is hard working and self-sacrificing. We always stand in awe of God’s redemptive hand that fits our needs as a ministry with the needs of those around us. We love being able to offer employment to those close to us. They always bless us ten fold in return!

October 27, 2014

Keep On Knocking

His smile slowly spreads across his face as he follows you around incessantly.

His name is Sempala and he is definitely what we could refer to as “an old soul”.

At the age of 4, Sempala decided he needed to be sponsored by Amazima. His parents were out of the picture, he was being raised by his grandparents, and his mind was made up.

So what did he do? He just started coming. He came to Saturday program. He went to an Amazima school. On a field trip day he was the first child to show up, with everything ready and in place for him to join the group. It was amazing to see the tenacity of such a young child. So, obviously, we were left with no choice. Sempala was officially added to Amazima sponsorship, and we have delighted in the decision every day since. He is relentless, sweet, charming, and hilarious.

Here’s to you, Sempala! You make all of our lives happier.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” –Matthew 7:7

October 20, 2014

There's No "I" In Team

If it were possible, we would feature each and every person who partners with us through prayer and finances on our blog, but the list would be too long. We have been blessed beyond measure with support from all of you and, for that, we are eternally grateful.

While we can’t feature everyone, today we wanted to feature a partner who has been instrumental to our feeding program in Masese.

In 2012, Banded, a company located outside of Nashville just down the road from Amazima’s stateside offices, decided they wanted to give a percentage of every sale to a meaningful cause. With our offices being so close, a partnership was only natural.

For every Banded headband sold, 3 meals are donated to the children of Masese. A couple of weeks ago, we surpassed the one million meal mark and that, friends, is something to be celebrated. One million meals have been donated to children who are near and dear to our heart, children we know and love and pray for.

In celebration of reaching this milestone, our stateside team visited the Banded offices last week and presented them with a crystal bowl engraved with a message of thanks. This bowl will help all of us remember what God has done through this partnership.

Together we can do so much.

October 14, 2014

Meet Derrick

Derrick is 11 years old. His favorite color is green because green reminds him of nature. While he's not very talkative, he stays active and can be found playing soccer, helping with chores at home, or preparing for his future in engineering. 

We believe in Derrick's dream of becoming an engineer. One day his mentor, Eric, visited his family and found Derrick connecting electricity to their home. Yes, we're pretty sure he has a bright future ahead! He can also be found fixing radios and flashlights and making toy cars on any given day.

Through our education sponsorship outreach, we're able to build relationships with children and their families. This fills our team with so much joy and we are incredibly grateful for our partners who make our work possible.

October 6, 2014

A Story for the Books

Muzafalu is small but his personality is big. He comes to the land every Saturday, accompanied by his older brothers and sisters.  He is sure to greet everyone along his way and he loves to be hugged and held.

One day, everyone was concerned about where Muzafalu was.  He did not show up to school and nobody seemed to know his whereabouts.  Finally when someone found him, they inquired as to why he did not attend school that day. “But I did attend school!” he protested. When his mentor pointed out that she had spoken to his teacher who confirmed he was missing, he explained that he got lost and couldn’t remember where his school was located, but that he did, in fact, attend a school. His mentor, a bit confused, then pieced together that Muzafalu had grown tired of searching for his own school and simply joined the nearest one. We all had a good laugh about little Muzafalu, determined to go to class but at a loss of how to get there, joining a completely random school for the day. How is that for commitment?